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Laptop Work

New DIY contact tracing app expands the fight against COVID-19, using the science of memory | The Conversation

Stack of Newspapers

If contact tracers ask the right questions, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 | Miami Herald Opinion

Watching TVs

Researchers study science of memory to improve COVID-19 contact tracing | KOLD, Tucson, AZ

Colorful Nails

New FIU study aims to improve contact tracing methods | WINK news, Ft. Myers, FL

Mobile Phone

Contact tracers use memory techniques to help COVID-positive people remember critical information | We Are Iowa, Des Moines, IA

Examining New Tablet

ISU researcher develops DIY contact tracing | WHO13, Des Moines, IA

Radio Show

Researchers are trying to improve the state's coronavirus testing and tracing efforts | WJCT news radio, Jacksonville, FL

TV Screens

Applying the science of memory to contact tracing | NBC West Palm Beach, FL

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