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Learn about CogTracerTM

CogTracer is a science-based memory aid for use in contact tracing.

Student Behind the Books

CogTracer is based on an empirically tested protocol that increased the number of contacts reported by 50% (Evans et al., 2021). Our protocol is rooted in decades of research on cognition, memory, and best practices for investigative interviewing.

In particular CogTracer relies heavily on the Cognitive Interview, which has consistently been shown to improve recall across dozens of empirical studies (Memon et al., 2010). Further, the Cognitive Interview has been shown to have benefits when implemented via a self-administered paper and pencil interview format (Horry et al., 2021). In addition, incorporating elements of the Cognitive Interview into a contact tracing interview has been shown to increase the number of contacts reported during in-person interviews (Mosser & Evans, 2019).   

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